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Hand Wash Squad has been endorsed by the Infection Prevention Society


We created ‘Hand Wash Squad’ as a FREE educational game for kids and a new digital resource for parents and teachers.


When Covid-19 started to take hold across the world, a team of entrepreneurs and Hand Hygiene industry experts joined forces to develop a mobile game for 4-8 year olds, designed to teach them how to wash their hands effectively in a fun manner.


Hand Wash Squad follows hand washing techniques recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and has received endorsement from UK Infection Prevention Society, an organisation which informs and promotes infection prevention practice throughout the UK.


The game has been designed to be used by children from all countries of the world as a free to download tool, available on Android and will soon be also publish on the web.


Hand washing is one of the main lines of defence against the spread of infections, both virus and bacteria. Correct hand washing can slow the spread of infections and save lives.


The Hand Wash Squad concept is the result of a collaboration between Martin de Santos of Tipitap Inc and Katie Houghton of Planet One Reality Ltd, with the support of industry sponsors, GOJO Industries Inc and Gama Healthcare Ltd.


This has been a fun collaborative project between a number of companies. We hope that in some small way through educating young children around the world, we can help reduce the spread of infections and save lives” Katie Houghton, Planet One Reality

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